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Transition ceremony kicks off Resolute Support Mission
Thirteen years after its creation through the signing of the Bonn Agreement in Germany, the International Security Assistance Force concluded operations in an event Dec 28 transitioning to the new, NATO-led Resolute Support mission.
The end of XV rotation, the end of ISAF mission
XV rotation of Polish Military Contingent Afghanistan finished service, at the same time closing participation of Polish soldiers in ISAF mission.
Motorised platoon finished its activity
Composition of XV rotation of Polish Military Contingent included motorised infantry platoon, created in majority from soldiers of 1st Armoured Brigade.
Multimodal transport
Packing and transporting to Poland the equipment and property of Polish soldiers from Afghanistan is coming to an end.
The best shooters competed in Bagram
Qualification for Polish and U.S. shooter's badges was conducted at the shooting range in base Bagram.

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