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Attack on Polish patrol in Afghanistan
23.10. Polish patrol was attacked in Afganistan before noon. As a result of that Private 1st Class Mariusz Deptu³a died, another soldier was injured and the rest of the crew suffered too.
The accident took place in eastern part of Ghazni province. During patrol realised by soldiers from Bravo Combat Group an IED exploded under Rosomak vehicle. As a result of that Private 1st Class Mariusz Deptu³a died. Another member of the crew of Rosomak became seriously injured.

Land and air team of Quick Reaction Forces as well as MEDEVAC helicopter were called at once. The victims were transported to hospital in Ghazni. Unfortunately, in spite of being immediately operated on one of the soldiers died.

According to doctors life of the wounded is safe, but they will stay under medical observation for the next days. Soldier injured on legs will be transported to Poland soon.

The family of the killed soldier as well as families of the injured were informed about the accident. The soldiers informed their families in person.

Capt. Dariusz Guzenda
Chief of Press Office
PMC Afghanistan