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Polish soldier killed in Afghanistan
Senior corporal Jarosław Maćkowiak was killed and two other soldiers were slightly injured in an attack on Polish Task Force patrol, on Thursday, the 2nd June 2011 in Ghazni province

The attack took place in the morning, to the northwest from Giro Base, in southern part of Ghazni province, where soldiers from combat group Bravo are stationed.

Soldiers from the 2nd motorised infantry company were attacked during the patrol with guns and antiarmopur grenade launchers. The Polish responded with fire. As a result of fire exchange three Polish soldiers were injured, including one seriously.

The injured soldiers were evacuated to a safe place and given first aid. MEDEVAC helicopters were called immediately, as well as Close Air Support - aircraft F-15 and Quick Reaction Forces - Mi-24 helicopters. The victims were transported to the field hospital in Ghazni.

Senior corporal Jarosław Maćkowiak died from wounds in the hospital in Ghazni. The other injured soldiers got medical aid, doctors describe their state as stable. Their life is not in danger.

Families of the soldier who died and families of the injured soldiers were informed about the accident.