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MaxxPro supporting Polish Task Force in Afganistan
30 MaxxPro vehicles started service in Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan.

The vehicles have been rented on the basis of ACSA – Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement. It is one more element of reinforcement for Polish Task Force.
MaxxPro is a MRAP type vehicle – mine resistant ambush protected. Like MRAP Cougar, used by Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan, MaxxPro provides protection against anti-armor mines, the most often used in Afghanistan, rifles as well as IED. The anti-mine protection is ensured by the V-shaped hull.
MaxxPro, designed to carry 2 crew members and 4 soldiers is one more version of that vehicle made to meet the needs of mission in Afghanistan. It is lighter and more mobile than other MRAP vehicles. Because of light weight and size it works better during activities conducted beyond hardened roads and in mountainous areas. It is also easier to maneuver in urban areas because of smaller turning circle.
The new acquired MaxxPro will be a reinforcement for KTO Rosomak and MRAP Cougar used so far in Afghanistan.