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Difficult and demanding mission
During the 7th rotation of Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan the aircraft CASA C-295M for the first time is stationing in Afghanistan permanently.

The number of tasks performed by the Air Group is rising all the time. The second rotation of the CASA C-295M team consists of 12 people - two crews and a ground service. Soldiers from that team are facing different challenges, connected with specific character of the terrain. The airports they are landing at are situated high in the mountains and their size is often limited. The runway is three times shorter and more narrow than a runway at a regular airport. Such conditions require not only high skills but also using special flight tactics. Because of threat of shooting the crew is using so called "short take off" and "short landing" technique. Due to high temperatures - almost 45 degrees Celsius, in summer missions of CASA start soon after the sunrise and finish before noon. Strong winds (about 80 km/h) that last about 120 days in summer, are another obstacle.

During 6 weeks, two rotations of the Air Group of CASA C-295M conducted 32 missions and about 90 flights. Altogether - 75 hours of flights. At the moment in the air base in Bagram the third rotation is stationing. These soldiers also have a lot of hard work to do.

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