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Logistics specialists' day in Afghanistan
On June 28, on the occasion of 10th Opolska Logistics Brigade's Day a ceremonial assembly was held in White Eagle base in Bagram.
Bex is going to retire
He is one of the two nicest soldiers of XV rotation of Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan. Everybody wants to pet him and the most courageous even want to hug him.
Military Police Day in Afghanistan
On the occasion of Military Police Day (June 13) commander of XV rotation of PMC Col. Adam Słodczyk met with Military Police soldiers in base Bagram.
Transport specialists
The task of the XV rotation of PMC Afghanistan is to finish participation of Polish soldiers in ISAF mission and to transport Polish property and equipment to Poland.
Helicopters finish mission in Afghanistan
ISAF mission in Afghanistan is coming to an end. On Sunday, June 8 two last helicopters arrived at Wrocław airport Strachowice. For last 6 years they were the basic element of support of Polish contingent.

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