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Loading C-17 SAC (Strategic Airlift Capability) aircraft
On Saturday, July 26 Polish soldiers were loading Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft and property that after finishing combat part of ISAF mission is coming back to Poland.
Another transport of Rosomak vehicles came back from Afghanistan
They were transported from base Bagram to Oman onboard C-17 aircraft, by sea to Germany and then a trip by another ship from Germany to Poland took place.
Big packing in Afghanistan
The main task of soldiers of XV rotation of Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan is finishing the ISAF mission.
U.S. Independence Day
On July 4th in base Bagram Polish soldiers celebrated U.S. Independence Day together with U.S. colleagues.
Danusia onboard
The last of Polish 152mm self-propelled howitzers used in Afghanistan, called Danusia, comes back to Poland.

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