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Cooperation with Defense Logistics Agency
Utilisation is one of important elements of dealing with property of Polish Military Contingent Afghanistan. Polish soldiers started activities in this area through cooperation with US logistics agency.
Polish-US change at gun posts
Ceremony of transferring responsibility for fire support between Polish and US gunners took place in the presence of Commander of PMC Afghanistan BrigGen Marek Sokołowski.
Commander of 10th Logistics Brigade in base Ghazni
Reconnaissance Group of 15th rotation on PMC Afghanistan with Col. Adam Słodczyk, commander of 10th Logistics Brigade from Opole, LtCol Dariusz Zaręba, LtCol Arkadiusz Serówka and Maj Janusz Baranowski spent 5 days in base Ghazni.
Lt. Gen. Mark Milley in Polish Task Force base
Ceremony of transfering operational responsibility by U.S. soldiers from 1st Mountain Division who have been cooperating with Polish soldiers so far took place in Polish Task Force base White Eagle in Ghazni
Prestigious decoration for Polish Special Forces
Soldiers of Special Forces serving in 13th rotation of Polish Military Contingent Afghanistan have been awarded NATO Non Article 5 ISAF medal "For service of peace and freedom".

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